The 5-10-20 training method

August 21st, 2017 by

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This is one of my favorite methods for attacking any given body part/region. It consists of performing 3 different exercises, in varying rep ranges, with little to no rest between exercises. Essentially, you start with a heavy set of 5 on one exercise, then move to a heavy set of 10 on the 2nd exercise, and then finish with a “pump set” of 20 on the 3rd exercise. See what I did there? “Double up” the reps on each exercise.

This is great way to target the entire pool of muscle fibers and create a great deal of metabolic stress. Here is what this would look like for, say, quads (you would do ramp-up sets prior to the first set of squats):

A1. Barbell Front Squats 1×5 0 sec. rest
A2. Leg Press 1×10 0 sec. rest
A3. Leg Extensions 1×20 120 sec. rest

2 cycles of something like this would be plenty. While you should go heavy on all 3 sets (yes, you can still go heavy even on a set of 20), and approach failure, proper technique should be adhered to at all times. Yes, you can train to failure, not break form, and not have it look “ugly”. Maintaining form, tempo and tension while going hard is a skill more trainees need to learn and master….this protocol provides the opportunity to do just that.

If you want more examples for other body parts, “like” this post, and let me know in the comments section…happy to provide.