Our mentor Craig Ballantyne introduced us to a powerful concept called The 5 Pillars of Transformation. He actually discovered this when training clients for his weight-loss transformation contest. The winners always had these 5 pillars in place … and we use them here at LBC too.

Here’s how…

Pillar #1 – Better Planning and Preparation Than EVER Before
We need to do more than state a goal or a dream. We need to sit down and prepare a plan in great detail.  And that’s what LBC does for you with your programming. The better planning and preparation is done-for-you.

Pillar #2 – Professional Accountability (your Coach)
Research shows that when you’re accountable to a professional, you get better results. Professional accountability means having a Coach. A Coach gives you expert advice and holds your feet to the fire, never letting you away with excuses.

That might mean having difficult conversations … but those tough talks lead to great results and lifelong transformation. Make no mistake about it, your Professional Accountability has to deliver a mentor/mentee relationship, because a friend or a buddy isn’t going to be a hard ass on you.  But that’s what you need, somebody to draw the hard line and give you no-holds barred feedback. That’s the coaching you get from LBC.

Pillar #3 – Positive Social Support (your cheerleaders in life)
You need to surround yourself with positive people, who are going to pick you up when you’re feeling down.  These are the cheerleaders in your life, like the people along the side of the road cheering you on as you run a marathon.  This is why the LBC Community FB Group is so valuable to people.

Pillar #4 – A Meaningful Incentive / Your Big WHY
It’s not money or stuff that truly inspires us to change. Instead, it’s only those things that truly matter and come from our heart and our mind that will keep us going through tough times. Health, someone we love, modelling good behaviour that our kids can catch, there are many possibilities. What’s your meaningful incentive? What is your big WHY? This is where all true commitment is born.

Pillar #5 – The BIG Deadline
This is the most important pillar of them all because it spurs us to action, helps us overcome the initial inertia, keeps us going through the tough times, shows us a light at the end of the tunnel, and brings that finish line into light so that we move faster and faster towards the deadline. The deadline keeps us going through it all.

But it doesn’t stop there with a single 21-day challenge or even a 90-day transformation. This is a lifelong journey. The 5 Pillars provide the support and tools for success in every area of life. The mindset shift we make is permanent. The belief in ourselves allows us to achieve our outcome goals.  And to make it easier to achieve our outcome goals, we need to plan out these little action steps called Process Goals. It is the Process Goals that we control, and guarantee our success. The process goals push you to action and support your decisions.

With process goals in place you make success automatic. The more committed you are now the quicker you get to your goal and then the easier it will be to learn to live WITH that achievement long-term.

So again, use these Process Goals to achieve your big Outcome Goal.

We approach Coaching with a sustainable=maintainable equation in mind. If the methodology used is not sustainable, then the outcome achieved is not going to be maintainable. So if your program has you eating or doing things you can’t or don’t want to eat or do, well, that’s not going to last very long right?

Everything has to be built with YOUR sustainability in mind. What you do has to be something that can fit into the unchangeable parameters/requirements of your current lifestyle while recognizing the sacrifice that others DO have to change if you’re going to change.

We’re after long-term success, which means results we keep, not get, lose and have to start over again to hopefully get again. Assuming of course we got there in the first place which many don’t due to a simple lack of commitment – TO THEMSELVES.

Everyone has a BEST version of themselves that when they live right and make good choices (that we know are good choices) they take step after step towards every day. But everyone also has the pains of life experience and passive behaviours and beliefs we ‘caught’ growing up from parents and other influencers that get in the way. Self-limiting beliefs are the result. But on the other side of that IS the best version of everyone. Coaching and accountability is the difference maker.

When you commit to that, when you find your big WHY for your self-improvement journey, because that’s what it really is, you’re making the deep commitment to yourself, and that’s when real change, lasting change, happens.

We are a team of very invested Coaches, invested into you and your long-term success. Trainers focus on the program as the key variable in one’s success but we here at LBC focus on you because it’s you that has to change for change to happen.  As Coaches we focus on the person executing the program; our job is to help you through any obstacles and help you see your potential and become the best version of you. The self-control, the goal achievement and the success you have in this area of life, the process of going through it will have you applying the success principles to other areas of your life as well.

We’re in it to win it with you! Let’s crush some goals!

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