Breakfast apple crumble

Another creative recipe, brought to you by LBC client Lori. Recipe (adjust to fit your meal plan): Preheat oven to 350 In a small bowl mix 7g butter 20g oat flour 20g old fashioned oats ( optional you can add walnut, pecans, etc) In another bowl combine 2 TBSP almond milk Desired amount of apple-I.. Read more →

Baked peaches

  My meal calls for: 25g Trutein 1 serving of fruit 25g natural peanut butter For my fruit serving I used a peach, halved. Subbed my peanut butter for regular butter, and spooned it into the pits of the halved peach. Sprinkled cinnamon and Stevia over the top, and then baked at 375 degrees for.. Read more →

Update on long-term LBCer and IFBB Pro Kim Seeley

The left is a contest day photo and the right is her current conditioning, which is a fantastic off-season look. As you can see from her email below, she’s doing it with ease as well. That’s what happens when you take a sane and moderate approach to contest prep, avoiding extremes at all costs. You.. Read more →

Tuna fingers (tuna croquettes)

One of my favorite ways I used to prepare tuna was to make little crocquets or ‘tuna fingers’. It would taste yummy with tinned salmon too! To make: tin of tuna egg white finely diced onions (optional) seasoning of choice. .mix together. form into you can make them into cakes or finger and then pan.. Read more →