Why Sane Fat-Loss Matters

Why is there this expectation that dieting, more specifically contest prep, should be as aggressive as possible while doing as much as you can possibly tolerate? It should actually be the other way around – the goal should be to eat as many calories as you can, do as little cardio as possible, and still.. Read more →

The Importance of Maintenance

We often post about the importance of planned time NOT eating in a caloric deficit if you’re interested in long-term sustainability and maintenance of your progress, which we of course all are. You simply cannot always be in a deficit, trying to lose fat, etc., without metabolic and hormonal consequences eventually showing up to varying.. Read more →

Joanne Ott Testimonial

“There just seems to be so many coaches out there nowadays. Out here in Colorado, there are dozens and dozens. When I first thought about finding a coach, I had thought of signing on with a coach at my gym who had recently won her Pro-Card in Figure. However, after much thought, I decided against.. Read more →

Don’t Wait Until Monday

“I’ll start on Monday” Every week you go through the same old cycle. Monday: On point with the diet. Tuesday: Still going strong. Wednesday: Had a bite of a brownie when you know you shouldn’t have. Thursday: “Meh, I’ll just have a few cookies.” Friday: “Vodka…that has the least calories, right?” Saturday: “BRING ON THE.. Read more →

Slow Progress Is Still Progress

If you just got a job in the mail room of a large corporation how quickly would you expect to be sitting in the chair as CEO of that company? Chances are that, if this was your goal, you’d recognize that something like this would take a lot of time and effort to achieve. In.. Read more →

Nicole Henriksen’s Testimonial

I’ve recently had to spread my wings and soar on my own. After almost two years as a client you can imagine just how hard that decision was to make. I’ve gained so much in terms of knowledge that I know I can keep going on my own, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have.. Read more →