Beautiful LBC back progress

Here’s a back view of the client I highlighted the other day. Recall she is the performance athlete that decided to focus on some physique goals for a little bit. Rockin compliance and no surprise great results too!

On-plan snow cones

With the weather getting warmer doesn’t an icy treat sound good! How about a nice treat that will keep you on plan and doesnt make a dent in those macros. SNOW CONES! Most of use have blenders that will easily grind up the ice so you dont need a fancy snow cone machine but if.. Read more →

Return client Rebecca is making great progress

Rebecca is a 2nd time client, and when I say she was extremely excited and happy to come back to LBC, and be on program again, that is an understatement lol. There isn’t one day of this that she takes for granted. Her eagerness, motivation, and focus all helped, but she committed to stellar compliance.. Read more →

LBC client Donna’s testimonial

Unfortunately, clients can not stay on forever. For example, below is a pic of LBC client Donna J., who will be leaving us shortly, but has made tremendous progress since joining. She’s lost 5.5 inches off her waist, 4 inches off her abdomen/navel area, and 2.5 inches off her buttocks. That alone is awesome and.. Read more →