How to approach the holidays with balance

Given the time of year, the Christmas parties, the Christmas dinners, the cookie baking, I figured my respond to a client biweekly today might have some application to more than just her.¬†Client:Nutrition is going. It’s hard with all the holiday tempatation but I have planned out which festivities to attend.”Sir LBC:Understandable but you should not.. Read more →

The “arms” infatuation

Whether it’s training clients or talking to other women (as it really seems to be more of a female concern than a male concern in my experience), all I hear is “when are we going to do arms” or “we don’t do enough arms” or “are we doing bi’s and tri’s”? My guess is this:.. Read more →

On-plan lettuce wraps

LBC client Liz loves lettuce wraps from P.F. Changs so she came up with this on plan recipe that tastes just like them! 130g. ground turkey (on plan) 220g. cooked brown rice (on plan) 1/2 c. diced red bell pepper 1/2 c. diced seeded cucumber 35g. raw cashews (on plan) tops of 2 green onions.. Read more →

When it comes to fat loss, more is not always better

Fat loss should not be about eating as little food as possible while doing as much cardio as you can tolerate.Rather, fat-loss should be about consuming as much food as possible while doing an appropriate amount of weight training and as little cardio as necessary that still allows you to lose fat.The former may lead.. Read more →

Breakfast Oatmeal Loaf

We love when clients send us their on plan recipes and ways to be creative with their food! LBC client Shelly shares her breakfast oatmeal loaf: Her programmed meal #2 calls for: – 3 egg whites – 2 whole eggs – 70g oatmeal – 2 servings of fruit – Blend the oats in a magic.. Read more →