This is a lifestyle

Sometimes when people go through a very difficult time they completely abandon their plan and eat completely indiscriminately. They tend to eat higher-calorie “comfort foods” and consume them in quantities far greater than they might otherwise consume normally. In other words, despite calling their eating plan a lifestyle, they actually treat it more like a.. Read more →

When something disappointing happens, find a way to make it positive

Maybe you haven’t been knocked off track. Maybe you’ve found a better way. Perhaps the challenge is not there to punish you. Perhaps it is there to strengthen you. When something disappointing happens, you don’t have to automatically assume that it’s a negative. In fact, you can find a way to make it a positive… Read more →

PWO protein cake

Mini cake with protein frosting! Made this today for my PWO meal and it was SO good! Ingredients: – cake mix of your choice (I used Betty Crocker gf cake mix) – protein powder of your choice (I used Trutein red velvet cake) – unsweetened almond milk – Diet soda or water I made my.. Read more →

How to deal with those TOM cravings

Ladies, if you find yourself battling cravings during the time of your monthly cycle, do yourself a favor and set a plan in order to help yourself work past those cravings. – Is there a specific food or type of food that you typically crave during that TOM? Do you find yourself always giving into.. Read more →