LBC client Susie’s leg transformation!

BOOM. Check out that beautiful LBC leg transformation for client Susie! smile emoticon Susie has wrapped up her dieting phase and is now enjoying lots of food and zero cardio on her new maintenance program.

LBC client Tamara’s beautiful transformation

LBC client Tamara’s progress from the front. Tamara is training 4 days per week in addition to two short HIIT cardio sessions and one ab circuit. Her diet? It consists of the foods of her choice. No restriction diets here.

Testimonial from LBC client and coach Holly

Wow, to see this whole weekend come together in such an incredible way leaves me sort of speechless…but probably not for the reasons you may think. I’m still trying to wind down after all of the excitement. My Pro debut, the never ending support and friendship of Erik and Amy, my Mom and my best.. Read more →

LBC’s Christie, 9 days out from her competition

Christie, 9 days out from her show: From Christie: “This is seriously the BEST prep ever. Not easy, what prep is???….but SANE! LOL. I cannot even put it into words. I should be a tired, hungry brat right? Haha!! Nope. Not here!” As far as training, she completes 3 different cardio sessions a week and.. Read more →