Front Squats vs. Barbell Hip Thrusters

A few months ago, I posted a recap on a study that compared full squats and hip thrusters. The results of that study showed that hip thrusters activated the upper and lower glutes to a greater extent then full squats. That being said, the same authors have just recently released a new study, which compared.. Read more →

LBC client Jennifer is showing some abs

I was so excited to see these updated pictures LBC client Jennifer. She is now seeing abs for the first time in years. No suffering here with low carb and mind blowing amounts of cardio. Nicely done Jennifer!

LBC client Sara’s awesome fat-loss progress

LBC client Sara is rocking her program, hitting 100% compliance day in and day out, and as a result she is making some fantastic progress! 10 lbs and 13 inches down so far, and we’re just getting started!

LBC client Teresa’s transformation-in-progress

Transformation-In-Progress LBC client Teresa is making some wonderful improvements in her physique as she progresses through this fat-loss phase. She’s lost nearly 14 inches so far, with more to come!

Cinnabun cookie PWO shake

My husband had not yet tried the Body Nutrition Gardenia protein, so yesterday I whipped up this yummy post-workout protein shake for him, using the Cinnabun Gardenia flavor, and he loved it! Ingredients: – Cinnabun protein powder (can use Trutein or Gardenia) – 1 cup of ice – 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (adjust.. Read more →