Do your actions reflect what you are truly thankful for?

Thanksgiving always leads to the question of what we’re thankful for, but I think that is really the easiest question to ask and answer.However, I would say that a more important question is whether our actions reflect that we are truly thankful for these things. Are you thankful for your spouse? If so, have you been.. Read more →

LBCWT coaches collaborate to give you the best guidance!

Today’s post is brought to you through the collaborative efforts of three LBC coaches: Megan, Erik and I (Nate). Let me explain.I have a pile of research papers sitting in my office and even more stored on my computer that are just waiting to be read. You see, sometimes I come across a study and.. Read more →

How to pump up your protein shake

Here’s an interesting tip to help make your protein shake a bit more filling. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, men were given a yogurt-based milkshake on three separate occasions. Each shake had the exact same caloric content. However, the volume of each shake was different: 300, 450 and 600.. Read more →

Chicken & Quinoa Bites

310g cooked quinoa170g chicken breast (cooked)2 whole eggs  1 egg white 1 cup chopped onion 115g fat-free shredded cheese 2 tsps garlic and dried oregano 2 tbsp basil Pinch of salt Cook your quinoa, mix ingredients together, spray a cupcake pan, portion the “bites” and bake 15-20 min on 350. One serving depends on your.. Read more →

A trophy isn’t worth risking your health for

It saddens me when I hear (through at clients biweekly feedback) that anyone is still achieving their goals daily eating multiple meals of fish/veggies, cutting out food groups and having to do two hours cardio a day to lean out and get in shape. Dedicated yup. Is that worth your health? There is only one anwer… Read more →