Coach Nate’s on-plan Mexican-style recipe

This is one of my all time favourite on-plan meals especially if I’m craving Mexican-style food. It’s really easy to make and tastes soooo good! All you need to make it is the following: 100g ground turkey (99% fat-free) 50g Liberte Greek yogurt (fat-free) 30g cheddar (full fat) 40g avocado taco seasoning (I use Ol.. Read more →

Coach Holly’s back and shoulder progress

I received some updated building progress pictures from one of my long-term clients today. Her name is Holly Mitchell and she is a pretty good client I guess. Oh, she coaches here at Lean Bodies Consulting too. “Boom! Take that!” Signed, Holly’s back and shoulders.

LBC client Denise’s salmon recipe

Just in case you need something to put on salmon…. From LBC client Denise: “Hi Holly! I season and grill the salmon then put it over my sticky rice. Then mix the following and top: Walden farm pancake syrup (maple) Soy sauce Ginger (I use the chopped stuff in the jar) A little lemon juice.. Read more →