Our words are incredibly powerful

Growing up I was bullied a lot.I was always the shortest kid in my class and generally the lightest too. Going into grade 6 I was 60 pounds and by the time I entered grade 9 I was a whopping 90 pounds. When I was nine years old I started taking martial arts as a means.. Read more →

Are you one who expects instant results?

Good post from Amy at Curls & Whey Training——-I guess I have never understood the rush when people get so frustrated when they haven’t drop 10 pounds in the first week on the program.Where was your rush to lose weight this earlier this year?Most people have struggled for a long period of time, yet change some.. Read more →

Benefits of drinking water while you workout

I’ve made a few posts about the benefits of drinking water and this is … another one. In previous posts I wrote about how water can help increase fat breakdown and decrease muscle breakdown. However, I haven’t really wrote anything about the benefits of drinking water while you workout. That being said, when I read.. Read more →

LBC client Diana making some great strides

4 strength-training workouts per week, one short metabolic workout, and nailing her nutritional compliance.PS: The tattoo being on opposite side is a result of the first picture having been taken by someone else while the second is taken in a mirror which makes the image appear flipped (i.e., the tattoo is on the opposite side).