The basics of dynamic warm ups

Dynamic warm ups are always used in the beginning of the session. I, like many, prefer to call it “prehab” work. Why? Well, I rather prehab my body before I rehab my body.Dynamic warm ups prepare your body for the session ahead. Some will do a total-body dynamic warm up. Others will split it upper.. Read more →

How do you respond to temptation?

Many people are intimidated by the fact that they are tempted, like they shouldn’t even be in that situation or that they should be able to control it. But you shouldn’t feel guilty about temptation. It’s how you respond to it that matters.There are two things you need to stay away from: tempting situations (circumstances).. Read more →

Want to sprint faster? Try upping your squat.

Want to sprint faster? Try upping your squat. Researchers at the American Appalachian State University conducted a study to see if squat strength had a strong correlation with sprinting speed in football players. What they found was that the players who could squat 2.1 times their own body weight were, on average, faster in a.. Read more →

Homemade tacos

Backstory: I love Hispanic food (duh because I’m partially Hispanic). I was also in contest prep I needed to know how much I’m eating so I don’t over/under eat. We all know going to the local diner or Mexican spot, we will more than likely overeat (and overdo it on that Sangria. AY DIOS!!!!!) This was.. Read more →

Awesome progress for LBC client Mike

LBC client Mike is now down 37 lbs and counting. He is 216 lbs on the left and 179 lbs on the right … yet looks much more impressive and muscular at the lighter bodyweight.