Beautiful progress for LBC’s Kirsten

Kirsten, getting ready to rock the stage this weekend in the bikini division! Awesome progress all around! You would never guess that this is the same person that, just last year, had major back surgery and was incapable of lifting even 5 lbs. over her head…much less training her legs with intensity! In fact, when.. Read more →

Are you in a building phase or thinking about doing one?

Are you in a building phase? Thinking about doing one? I wanted to share a back photo from when I was in my building phase, I think I was about halfway through (pic on the left) a 16-17 month build here. That’s right…MONTHS. Not weeks. The pic on the right is from my show in.. Read more →

Important factors to consider when pursuing a physique goal

I would say one of the tougher parts of helping people with their physique goals is managing their expectations. So in effort to help everyone trying to improve upon their physique, here are a few things you need to keep in mind moving forward: Commitment – You have to be prepared to make a long-term.. Read more →

What a day of meals might look like for an LBC client

A follower of our page asked to see what a day of food might look like for a client (or coach). From follower Julie: “Do you ever post your meals for a whole day? Everyone talks about all the food and carbs they get to eat. Just curious what everyone’s idea is of a lot.. Read more →