The BIG weight-loss secret!

There’s a HUGE secret that the weight loss industry does not want you to know. The secret is not a special diet or only at certain times of the day. The secret has nothing to do with your blood type. The secret is not cutting out carbs, wheat, or gluten. The secret is not paleo… Read more →

Barbell Drag Curls

The Barbell Drag Curl is a great variation of the Barbell Curl, and allows for better isolation of the biceps. – Hold the barbell with hands about shoulder width apart and with a supinated grip. – Curl the bar up while keeping the elbows back as you “drag” the bar up against your torso. –.. Read more →

How visualizing a muscle in action can improve performance

Here’s an interesting study that showed how visualizing a muscle in action can improve performance. In the study published in NeuroReport, researchers tested 16 subject’s hand grip strength during four trials. In each trial, the subjects had to squeeze a spring 90 times in a minute while the researchers measured the force produced. The difference.. Read more →

Why ‘waist training’ needs to end

It is barbaric and incredibly dangerous. Everyone want a quick fix. I was on social media (as always) and the amount of people joining the waist training wagon, which is really just a tightly done corset, is doing nothing more than squeezing your organs together and putting you at risk to break ribs. You will.. Read more →