Quinoa and Kale Cakes

  Quinoa and Kale Cakes (say that 10 times really fast lol) I made these for my family on Easter and thought I’d share the recipe…easy to work in and stay on plan! I’d split this up and eat it over a few days according to my meal plan to make it work. You can.. Read more →

How to overcome cravings

There are various cues and triggers that lead us to eat. Most often these are associations that have built up over time that become strengthened further each time we perform the actions together. For example, if you constantly snack on the couch in the evening while watching TV you’ll have built up a an association.. Read more →

Lasting behavior change takes time… and often many mistakes

Some people think that, despite spending years of their life doing something one way with regards to diet and exercise, that change is going to be immediate. But in reality, lasting behavior change takes time…and often many mistakes. I think that this poem by Portia Nelson is a great representation of how changes in our.. Read more →

Tip for performing Step Ups

When performing step ups, try lifting your toes upwards towards the top of your shoes and keeping them there as you perform the exercise. This will make it difficult to cheat by jumping off of the rear leg and force you to use the leg up on the bench more.

Dumbbell Pullovers

Dumbbell Pullovers: This exercise is a favorite of mine. It targets a great deal of upper body musculature simultaneously: the lats, chest, triceps, and even the abs. To perform: 1. Lie on your back on a flat bench while holding a dumbbell over your chest. 2. Keeping the arms relatively straight, and using a slow,.. Read more →