Tip for performing back exercises

A couple of weeks ago I went over how to properly activate your back muscles when performing back exercises, rather than recruiting too much of the arms in the movement. I want to add a tip to that which, if you are one who struggles with feeling the muscles in your back while executing the exercise,.. Read more →

Your fitness journey isn’t meant to be easy

The unfortunate aspect of fitness is, “fitness is fun” or “I can’t do fitness if I can’t have fun”.There is something incredibly flawed with that state of mind and thinking that it actually can harm you in the long run, in my opinion of course.Fitness IS fun to a degree as is the job you.. Read more →

Side progress for LBC client Denise

Yesterday I shared front and back comparison photos of LBC client Denise’s current progress. Here is a side shot of the great progress she is making, weight training 4 days per week in addition to two 20-minute metabolic cardio sessions. We have recently started incorporating weekly 300g carb refeeds into her diet, and she continues to.. Read more →

LBC client testimonial

I received a biweekly update from a client who has been with LBC for a short while that left a grin on my face. I was happy to see her body was making positive changes, especially when we had to work around an injury, but I was happier to see LBC has had an effect.. Read more →