Are you looking for motivation in all the wrong places?

Often people to look to other people or things to motivate them. The problem with that is, that motivation is pretty short sited and shallow. It won’t last very long. WHY? Because, motivation is something deep inside you, what you feel. It isn’t something that someone can truly do or encourage you to do or.. Read more →

Outstanding transformation for LBC client Heather

BOOM! Even through the no-so-great photo quality, you can see the outstanding improvements LBC client Heather is making as she progresses through her fat-loss phase! Heather works hard at her program and busts her rear, and it shows! Stay tuned for more progress to come from Heather!

On-Plan Chicken Noodle Soup

I simply subbed in noodles for my rice (macaroni noodles were all I had on hand), and kept the chicken already on my meal plan. In a saucepan combine chicken broth, shredded chicken (fully cooked), uncooked noodles, dried oregano, dried thyme, salt, and pepper. Bring to a quick boil, then reduce to a low simmer… Read more →

When it comes to fitness, attitude is everything

So many of life’s struggles are self-inflicted. When it comes to fitness, attitude is everything! If you fail to see that, you’ll never get far. Feeling like a victim is a one way ticket to misery and a road already traveled, the one you’ve always been on. It isn’t enough to just get out of.. Read more →

A shot of Heidi’s fantastic progress from the side

I’m sure you noticed Heidi’s front transformation pic that I posted on Friday- and if you didn’t you should scroll down a bit and take a look… Here’s another pose showing just how much hard work and dedication she has put into her new bod!