On-plan protein cookies topped with ricotta cheese

LBC client Ruth shares with us her tasty recipe for on-plan protein cookies topped with ricotta cheese! “Plan calls for: – 90g ground beef – 90g avocado – 30g cheddar I substituted that for: – 38g Trutein choc peanut butter cup – 23g almond flour – 28g ricotta cheese – 1/4 tsp each of baking.. Read more →

LBC client Cheryl’s current fat-loss progress

Check out LBC Cheryl’s current fat loss progress and her thoughts about her journey. “I think we all know that losing weight is so much slower than we might like but truly being persistent and consistent will get us to our goals. I have to remind myself of this often on some days but I.. Read more →

Veggies and vinegar recipe

LBC client Lori sent me this snack that her mom, Teresa (also an LBC client) came up with. Super tasty and on plan! “Slice and peel cucumbers 1/2 Of sliced onion 1 cup apple cider vinegar 1 cup water 2 packets Stevia Cover, chill, and serve!”

Single-Leg Glute Exercise

I’ll just say this: I couldn’t even control how badly my booty was shaking during these. Glutes on Fire! (**Hit the little “HD” button in the lower right hand corner for a clearer video). Borrowed this little gem from John Meadows page & unlike 99.99% of the exercise demos you see people attempting on social.. Read more →

Paused Hip Thrusters

I. LOVE. BOOTY WORK. I also like to do my Hip Thrusters a little different so I get more out of them – watch 👀 1. Check your ego at the door. (You do not need a lot of weight if you’re abiding by a nice, slow tempo and a pause for a few seconds.. Read more →