Meadows Rows

Another favorite back exercise of mine. This is a modified version of a one-arm dumbbell row, using a landmine bar (a barbell placed in the corner will work too). Be sure to hinge at the waist and grasp the bar with an overhand grip. If you have smaller hands you may need to use straps or.. Read more →

How to plan for a holiday weekend

This weekend is Labor Day weekend in the U.S.Many will attend BBQ’s. What are your plans and intentions? Are you staying on plan or planning to deviate? Think and set your mind AHEAD of time what your plans/intentions are. If choosing to go off plan, enjoy in moderation. Remember that binging is not moderation or balanced.If.. Read more →

Progress for LBC client Amy

LBC client Amy, leaning out and showing some really nice back definition and progress. Amy’s program consists of 2 short metabolic sessions and 4 strength training sessions per week. 

LBC client Teresa’s continued progress!

Her success is a result of strong team work. An effective program designed by her coach and her consistently awesome execution of that program (ie. she nails that diet week in and week out). Tighter the diet, the better the results and the tighter the body.   

Muscle Growth and Pain

Do your muscles need to be sore after a workout to grow? Nope! Here’s why:In a recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, researchers split male and female athletes into two groups. They then had them take part in a rigorous 8-week training program. Although, Group 1 was given an additional three weeks.. Read more →