Single-Leg Glute Exercise

I’ll just say this: I couldn’t even control how badly my booty was shaking during these. Glutes on Fire! (**Hit the little “HD” button in the lower right hand corner for a clearer video). Borrowed this little gem from John Meadows page & unlike 99.99% of the exercise demos you see people attempting on social.. Read more →

Paused Hip Thrusters

I. LOVE. BOOTY WORK. I also like to do my Hip Thrusters a little different so I get more out of them – watch 👀 1. Check your ego at the door. (You do not need a lot of weight if you’re abiding by a nice, slow tempo and a pause for a few seconds.. Read more →

Study that looked at different, but calorically equal, diet strategies

Here’s a review on a study that looked at different, but calorically equal, diet strategies with interesting results. In the study, 67 obese subjects were randomly placed on one of three isocaloric diets for eight weeks. The diets provided a 30% reduction in energy. However, as mentioned, each group had a different diet. See below.. Read more →

LBC client Ruth’s transformation-in-progress

Transformation-in-progress! LBC client Ruth is making some phenomenal changes so far in her fat-loss phase! 20 lbs and nearly 24 inches down to date, and she is on a roll! Ruth’s feedback: “People are now consistently commenting on the change – that I am looking great. My clothes are looser. Things that haven’t fit for.. Read more →

LBC client Lori’s amazing leg transformation

BOOM! Check out the beautiful leg and glute growth on long-term LBC client Lori! This is the result of YEARS (not days, weeks, or months) of hard work, with both training and with her meal plan.

When fitness is a lifestyle

Good Afternoon from Destin, Florida! Long drive down but our family has arrived and we’re ready to kick back and enjoy! We’ve been coming down for 12 yrs now.. It’s so beautiful- white sandy beaches and emerald green water. Can you see it behind me. This is our favorite place to be!! <3 How do.. Read more →