Butterscotch “ice cream”

Did I just make up Butterscotch “Ice Cream”?? I think I did. Orrrrr I’m the last one to do this. It easily fits on plan as part of your PWO (post-workout). I love volume, but I typically choose boring PWO meals that include oats, cream of rice, pretzels or bagels. Since I get over 80.. Read more →

Focus on the process

One phrase I really don’t like when it comes to fitness is the phrase “when I get to my goals…” as this generally implies the mindset that there is some type of end point in this journey. In my experience, there really is no endpoint. As you pursue your original goals, you’ll most often find.. Read more →

LBC client Evi’s dietary compliance pays off!

LBC client Evi is pretty much 100% biweekly in and biweekly out and it shows in her results. Shredded anyone? 118 lbs and enjoying an over 300g of carbs refeed weekly. Time to bring to 400g I think.