Nicole Henriksen’s Testimonial

I’ve recently had to spread my wings and soar on my own. After almost two years as a client you can imagine just how hard that decision was to make. I’ve gained so much in terms of knowledge that I know I can keep going on my own, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have.. Read more →

LBC Client Testimonial for Coach Ileen

“When I first started working with LBC and Ileen, I was frustrated at where I was and knew I needed help. I came to them with a past filled with weight issues, from being very overweight as a child to a 7 year battle with anorexia and later bulimia, to overcoming those eating disorders, but.. Read more →

Training Intensity Tips

If you aren’t seeing the results of your training and your diet is on point, it just might be a lack of intensity in your training. There are many reasons why this is probably happening and it is not limited to talking to your friends in between sets, checking Facebook, uploading gym selfies, stalking your.. Read more →

LBC Is Not Anti-Cardio

Why to you guys always seem to be so against cardio? To be clear, we are not “against” cardio at all. Rather we reserve it for specific situations to achieve a specific aesthetic goal. For example, if you start your fat-loss phase by adding in a bunch of cardio, it doesn’t leave you a lot.. Read more →

The BIG weight-loss secret!

There’s a HUGE secret that the weight loss industry does not want you to know. The secret is not a special diet or only at certain times of the day. The secret has nothing to do with your blood type. The secret is not cutting out carbs, wheat, or gluten. The secret is not paleo… Read more →