Amazing transformation for LBC client Callie

LBC’s Callie and her outstanding progress to date! Currently doing 4 days of strength training and 1 short interval workout. Time to end this diet phase and move to maintenance. Tighter the diet, tighter the body. Results are directly correlated to dietary compliance. Every. Single. Time.

LBC’s Aline is looking tight!

LBC client Aline has dropped 17 lbs during this fat-loss phase and is now ready for a stint at maintenance. Nothing crazy here. No cardio, just four days of strength training, two days of abs/core circuits and consistently excellent dietary compliance. Tighter the diet, tighter the body. Every time.

A “thank you” from LBC client and coach Holly

Thank YOU! I wanted to write a short little post with some thoughts from the past weekend at my show, but I always feel so strange writing about it as if I’m accepting an achievement award for some amazing humanitarian act or the Nobel Peace Prize lol. Obviously I’ve done nothing of that magnitude, but.. Read more →

On-Plan Enchiladas

On-Plan Enchiladas! Clients are always asking for meal ideas that they can make for dinner with the entire family. This is a great option! I had some leftover steak in the fridge so I made steak and cheese enchiladas (fat-free cheese), but you could use chicken, ground beef, whatever kind of protein you want to.. Read more →

LBC client Angela Dawn’s phenomenal progress

LBC client Angela Dawn showing great progress that is obvious even in gym clothes! Secret: One of her mini goals, was to show enough progress to be used on the page as an example. How sweet is that? “The seams of my poor yoga pants are no longer holding on for dear life. Haha! I.. Read more →

The potential benefits of ginger on muscle growth

Planning on going to the supplement store to pick up a “muscle builder”? If so, you may want to look in your kitchen cupboard first. Here’s why: In a study published last year in the Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness, researchers split 32 overweight men into four groups. One group served as the control… Read more →