What a day of meals might look like for an LBC client

A follower of our page asked to see what a day of food might look like for a client (or coach). From follower Julie: “Do you ever post your meals for a whole day? Everyone talks about all the food and carbs they get to eat. Just curious what everyone’s idea is of a lot.. Read more →

On-Plan Chips and Dip

Craving chips and Dip, see how LBC client Jennifer used the LBC Food Substitution Calculator (available to all for Android and Apple mobile devices in the Ap Store) to make this meal. “I have been craving chips and dip all day, and I didn’t want to take an off plan meal, so I subbed out.. Read more →

LBC client Heidi’s beautiful progress!

We share a lot of photos of our clients in bikinis, sometimes with their heads “on the cropping block” bc their photos are taken at 6am before coffee or a hairbrush and they insist that we chop off their beautiful faces. So, I thought this would be a nice little change. Here’s Heidi: you have.. Read more →

Maintaining Constant Tension While Training

When you’re training there are times when it is appropriate to lock out for a second at the top of a movement before proceeding into the next rep. However, if you’re really trying to maintain tension on a muscle you might want to try maintaining constant tension next time you train instead. Rather than stopping.. Read more →

A note to all the keyboard warriors

“Let me explain something to you all I don’t train and eat the way I do to look great for someone else. I’m not trying to be a sexy playboy bunny to please some dude. I never asked for your approval and wonder what can I do for you to be attractive to YOU. If.. Read more →