Training with resistance bands

Going out of town for business or pleasure and still want to get your workouts in? Then you might want to pick up some resistance bands. They’re extremely portable, fairly inexpensive and easy to use. Plus, you can find quite a few exercise tutorials on YouTube to help you put a workout together. What’s interesting.. Read more →

A study on muscle growth and strength gains

Here’s a recap on a 2016 study that shows you can put on muscle faster than typically thought and that initial strength gains from starting a workout program may not be coming from just neural adaptations (e.g. increases in muscle fibre recruitment). In this study published in the journal, Human Movement Science, researchers split 47.. Read more →

Cheryl’s awesome in-progress transformation

Awesome in-progress transformation I’d say! Very nice changes…shoulders, abs…confidence! From Cheryl: “I tried on two pair of pants this morning and they were both too big! I’m obviously leaning out, I see it in my top but didn’t realize it my bottom half until I put my pants on :) “

LBC’s Renee is looking amazing

“I have to say I have come a long way, last night I got together with all my lady friends from my old neighborhood. We always get together for our birthdays. I knew my plan. I ate light and kept my drinks to a minimum and I felt great. I enjoyed and was able to.. Read more →