LBC’s Christie shows that we don’t rebound post-competition

June 29th, 2015 by


LBC client Christie, who competed recently, and is still NOT rebounding of course, and won’t.

“Just wanted to send a quick update…this is me! I know you say no rebound, but what an incredible experience to actually go through this post competition week with LBC. In the past, I feel like rebound was talked about like its just part of the process. You can lessen it w reverse dieting, but its inevitable, etc… BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE!

I know I put some weight on and that’s expected w the increase in calories I’m consuming. And, its a good thing….I am filling out so nicely! Not water weight or bloat like with a rebound! No butter ball look, or ridiculously swollen feet (I had to leave work in the past!!!). Still tight and right wink emoticon

There are no words of gratitude. Im still so happy w my results of last Saturday. I can’t stop smiling.

I’m amazed! I could cry to think what I did to my body in the past with such a restrictive prep and peak week!!!”

(We (coaches/LBC, competitive clients) are however, not surprised smile emoticon but it is so exciting to see clients going through this process for the first time, realizing that there is a much better way than they have experienced in the past).