LBC Client Testimonial for Coach Ileen

February 22nd, 2015 by

“When I first started working with LBC and Ileen, I was frustrated at where I was and knew I needed help. I came to them with a past filled with weight issues, from being very overweight as a child to a 7 year battle with anorexia and later bulimia, to overcoming those eating disorders, but still having a very negative and imbalanced mindset. I had gained back some (much needed) weight after getting married, but no matter what I tried, I was stuck. Doing random workout programs, restricting calories/food groups with binges just about every weekend, followed by intense guilt that would often leave me crying myself to sleep. It put strain on my family and strain on my marriage. I couldn’t continue like that.

I found LBC on Facebook through a friend and immediately started reading every post. It was fascinating and I was skeptical. “Minimal cardio? Eating ice-cream? Carbs? Enjoying life and still reaching your fitness goals?And LOOK at all of these client testimonials!” I loved the no-nonsense posts that Erik would write, and just about every one of them hit me like a ton of bricks. I wanted to know more! I was an observer for quite a few months before signing up for the wait list. I waited for an eternity ( well…8 months…) and I finally got my program! I was so excited and nervous that I broke down and started crying when I received it.

Fast forward to now… Working with Ileen has been such a blessing. Her guidance and coaching was so helpful, much needed and although not always well accepted by me (LOL) I will never forget what I’ve learned from her. She taught me accountability, persistence, balance, ‘trusting in the process’ and trusting my body, even when it’s not going the way you THINK it should be going. She laid out the map of what a sustainable and maintainable program looks like, and taught me that consistency always pays off, one ‘paper towel’ at a time. I could go on and on ;)

I have so enjoyed learning such a great amount of knowledge from LBC and Ileen, and I will be forever grateful. My progress has been slow, I’ve had plenty of ups and down, and it hasn’t been easy, but I can honestly say that I am the happiest and healthiest that I have ever been in, probably, my ENTIRE life. I no longer restrict/binge. I no longer allow the scale or numbers on a tape measure to define me. I no longer view foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, nor beat myself into a pulp when I eat the ‘bad’ ones.

I’m living a life of freedom and balance! I’m LOVING food, not fearing it! I genuinely enjoy training and becoming stronger…in fact I love it! My mind is at peace and I’m excited for the future. I now have a ‘Long Term’ outlook on life instead of being so focused on ‘immediate results’, regarding fitness or any other aspect in life. LBC has impacted all areas of my life, and my husbands, for the better. Looking back at how far I’ve come blows me away. I have transformed physically and mentally, and Ileen and LBC have been such a huge part of my journey. I can’t thank them enough.”