Check out John M.’s amazing progress

Check out John M. and his amazing progress! John had one of those life-changing experiences and decided he needed to make changes and lose weight. So he started out on his fat-loss journey and made excellent progress. When he got to around 200 lbs. he reached out to LBC to help him taper down even.. Read more →

BMI is not for everyone

While BMI is a decent measure for sedentary individuals, the margin for error is significant for those of us that weight train and carry more muscle mass. It seems so silly to try and fit everyone into a chart of height and weight, yet people let this number ruin their day pretty frequently. All we.. Read more →

Goal setting: what makes some more successful than others?

I’ve been thinking a lot about goal setting and what makes some more successful than others. I think it is a pretty complex issue, but I love the simplicity of this info-graphic. What do you want? That is the easiest part to answer. How will you make it happen? There are lots of ways to.. Read more →

Solid protein vs. liquid protein

Solid Protein vs. Liquid Protein Have you ever wondered if it makes a difference on your physique if you consume your protein from shakes or solid food? If so, I have some info that might interested you. See below. In a recent, 16-week study published last month, researchers looked at the difference between consuming whey.. Read more →

Dawn’s amazing progress

When Dawn emailed her biweekly pictures this week, I looked at them before filing them. My first impression: Omgosh! I had to pull her her start photos to compare! When I did her biweekly I tallied up some numbers. Down 10 lbs and about 18 inches with 4.5 inches lost off her waist! Apologies on.. Read more →