Feedback from a happy LBC client

December 24th, 2014 by


As a coach, receiving an email like this really makes my whole day.

“Last night, my child had a piano recital. The attached picture is a friend and I afterwards. That dress I am wearing? I found it two weeks ago. I loved it, loved that it was on clearance, but then noticed it was a small. I thought, “what the heck?” And tried it on. It fit, and fit well. Yes, a lot has to do with the style of the dress, but before LBC, I wouldn’t have even bothered looking for a dress. Thanks to LBC, I also chopped my hair off like I have been wanting to. Before, I was hesitant because I was so unhappy with my body. But now? Floor length dresses, short, sassy hairdos, and even red lipstick are becoming more common. And the way the faces of my husband and child lit up when I walked out, fully ready? Well, I knew I had to thank you for that moment. Thank you.”

What a great feeling!