What gets measured gets managed

July 17th, 2017 by

This is undoubtably one of my favorite quotes as it pertains to training and nutrition. Name ONE area of your life where being LESS precise and dialed in yields better results. Can you? I can’t.

Those who follow their meal plans, with lazor focus, quantify their intake, track their meals for compliance and have a source of accountability, get better results than those who “just try to eat better”, “eat clean”, or “watch their portions”. Period. One is QUANTITATIVE, measurable, and, therefore…sustainable and manageable. The other is QUALITATIVE, inexact, leaves too many things to chance, and too many variables uncontrolled.

Same goes in the gym. Those who follow an actual PROGRAM, log their workouts, attempt to progress each week in some systematic fashion, get better results than those who wander around from machine to machine and arbitrarily pick a weight. One is TRAINING: Quantified, measurable and manageable. The other is mindless mechanical work. Slop.