Testimonial for LBC client Kelli

November 22nd, 2014 by

I made a decision to let LBC client Kelli “test the waters” of putting the food scale away, measuring nothing and trying to operate within a range of success to see how “lifestyle-ish” we were getting. We’d already achieved a very lean physique and wanted to relax a little so my instructions were to listen to hunger, eat well, eat balanced, get the majority of your food from whole food sources but do what you want with variety – but measure nothing. The goal being to maintain.

Today’s feedback, while no weight change whatsoever during this “experiment”. That alone is one measure of success in this phase but what’s far more valuable is the following:

“I was overweight as a teen and into early adulthood. I have always been very active but I didn’t realize I had a weird relationship with food up until I took a break from dieting (with you now). The old me was so fearful that I was going to eat the “wrong” food I wouldn’t eat regularly for a day or two. I’m sure I didn’t consume enough calories because by day 3 or 4 I would be so hungry I would start eating and felt like I could not get full. Then it was back to irregular eating and so on.

I don’t feel or think that way now and taking the break from dieting made me realize this. I know what to eat and I make good choices 90% of the time and when I do mess up, you have taught me to get up, dust myself off and move forward, no guilt trips, with no feelings of disappointing you as my coach. Thanks to you, this is a huge accomplishment – and knowing this makes it a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle.