Nicole Henriksen’s Testimonial

February 26th, 2015 by

I’ve recently had to spread my wings and soar on my own. After almost two years as a client you can imagine just how hard that decision was to make. I’ve gained so much in terms of knowledge that I know I can keep going on my own, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have doubts.

Working with Coach Ileen was a blessing! She knew when I needed that tough love approach and managed to give it to me in such a way that you couldn’t help but smirk as you read her response. You knew she was right, it was you’re choice but maybe you should remember those goals you have too. She also knew just when I needed a little extra love. There where a few biweeklies that I was so hard on myself that I didn’t even notice the changes (mentally and physically) that were far more important than the areas I was focused on. She had this amazing way of opening my eyes to see all the good that had indeed happened. On occasion she even managed to put me into tears. She made me see things about myself that I hadn’t even considered. One time in particular she sent me a side by side comparison that absolutely floored me. “That was me?! No way! I hadn’t even realized I changed that much!” Coach I can’t thank you enough for all you have given me in our journey together!

I won’t lie and say that it was always a piece of cake (mmmm cake). It doesn’t always come easy. Especially when you spend weeks on end putting in the required work and getting almost nothing in return. But know this, keep putting in the effort and it will eventually happen. When I hit a rough patch, I would dig deep within myself and remember my why. Why I started this and why it’s so important to me. There where long periods where my compliance was 100% and the results just happened so fast. There where also times where compliance wasn’t more then 90% and I had to accept the lack of progress for my choices. It never seized to amaze me what a good compliance run could do for my results. One things for certain…. Compliance, that shit works!

During my time as a client I progressed the most mentally. The first 6 months or so was almost all mental changes with so very few physical changes. As time passed I came to take those changes as the best ones of all. If I can give any advice at all, it would be to look at more then just the numbers happening. Really look at your body and notice all those tiny changes happening right before your eyes (veins appearing, bones protruding, face shape, hands and feet looking leaner). Most of all, look at how you are changing mentally. Mental changes far out weigh the movement on the scale, I can promise you this! I gained confidence, mental breakthroughs, learned moderation and balance even enjoying vacation and holidays for once, and how to have a good relationship with food again.

My journey began with a broken person and ended with so much more…..A stronger, healthier woman. A woman who has confidence in herself. Someone who is still learning to own her flaws, but someone who speaks less negatively about herself. A woman who has learned to love and most days accept herself in ways she never thought possible. I see a woman looking back at me in the mirror who completely amazes me on a daily basis.