Monday’s Training

November 13th, 2007 by


Alternating DB Curls
Worked up to 55s x 6 + 2 + 2

Alternating Hammer Curls
Worked up to 40s x 12

Calf Press on Hack Slide
Worked up to 50×12 (15s pause in stretch)

Standing Leg Curls
Worked up to 40x 10 + 5 + 3

Front Squats
I wanted to work up to a heavy single to see how far away I am from a goal I set (315lb front squat), but I only made it to about 265 before I called it. I haven’t been front squatting in a couple months and as a result, my wrists aren’t accustomed to the Olympic grip. The weight was still smooth so I’ll keep working at it.

Hack Squats
Worked up to 255×8

Worked up to 165×20

Pretty good workout all around. I got to watch one of those funny ‘gym characters’ between sets today. You know the one – bodybuilder pants, sleeveless shirt, big headphones, frown on his face, lats locked and arms out, big belly. Have I painted a good enough picture for you yet? If I saw this guy in the mall, I wouldn’t think he trained. I watched him load up the bar for set after set of shrugs. When he hit 315 he was moving the bar about an inch. Then came 4 plates and then 5 plates, and then 5 plates and a 10. This set, I don’t think he moved it at all. Like at all. LOL Oh, and he had no trap development either.

Gym comedy. Always fun.