LBC Testimonial

October 9th, 2014 by


I didn’t really know where I was going to go with this program when I first contacted you but all I can say is THANK YOU. As I write this it’s tough to believe I trained with you for a year and to be honest I initially started this thinking I could get to where I wanted in a few months. I was way off on that!! Oooops. For the past year being accountable to someone was exactly what I needed. The thing is I didn’t kill myself to work with the programs. I ate a lot. I actually showed a friend my plan and when he tried the meal plan he would actually give some of his food away to his kid cause it was more than he was used to eating and he weighed what I did. I also enjoyed every holiday; sometimes more than I should have but with this program I didn’t beat myself up with an off plan meal, day, or weekend, I just got back on plan right away.

I have an arthritic knee that was bothering at the time and usually my win workouts would just irritate it. Now my knee doesn’t bother nearly as bad, a combo of 37 less pounds, a stronger body, and I’ve actually put some time into rehab myself. I learned I don’t need to kill myself in the gym if my nutrition works. My energy is ridiculous. I’m in the best shape of my life. I actually have abs and one of these days if I can ever get that lose skin that’s left from my MUCH heavier days taken care of, my abs will be popping with a six pack. I don’t feel skinny, I feel and look fit and it feels great.

Over the past year of working with you I have grown physically but even more so emotionally. The thing is I feel like I have both in line finally and the way I look in my photos matches how I feel inside and that is about the first time that has happened in my life to this extent. People don’t realize the changes that need to happen internally when you do make big physical changes and by taking time to get leaner the right way I was able to keep both in line. Thank you again Erik and I may drop you an email with an occasional update and just to say hi. I’m forever grateful. The fitness and weight loss industry need an army of people like your team showing people the right way.

Just so you know Erik I didn’t fluff this up to give you a good testimonial, this is how I truly feel. Thanks again man.
– Chris