LBC Testimonial from former client Jessica Stuch

July 11th, 2014 by

“I came to LBC wanting to learn how I should be dieting to get the body I want, and boy oh boy did I learn. In the recent past I had not been too extreme with my diet and training, but I was afraid to let my body relax and go to maintenance calories. My metabolism had adapted to the calories I was eating and I could no longer lose fat at that level, but I didn’t want to bring my calories any lower. I felt trapped. I still had goals that I wanted to meet, but I needed to dig myself out of that hole first.

And along came Megan. On day one she told me she was going to put me in maintenance mode. A lot of people might not have wanted to hear that, but I was actually excited because I knew that was where I needed to be to see future progress. I couldn’t believe all the food I was allowed to eat! I had never eaten that much food on purpose! For the first week it was hard to squeeze it all in because I was so full, but then my stomach adapted, and then Megan gave me MORE food to eat! My energy was through the roof, my lifts were strong, and I wasn’t ballooning up like I had always feared. Even when we finally got around to dieting I didn’t really feel like I was dieting and I maintained my strength and energy.

LBC didn’t just help me physically but also mentally. I enjoyed the freedom of allowing someone who knew what they were doing to take control over my diet. All I had to do was put it into action. I learned that if I wanted to deviate from my plan my results might not be as optimal as I hoped, but I was free to make those choices without being admonished for it. If I was okay with a food choice I made, then Megan was okay with it too.

My time working with LBC was invaluable. I learned so much about myself while working with Megan and I’ve finally overcome my fear of maintenance, which I know will be key to my future success in meeting any physique goals I may have. If I ever feel trapped again in the future, I will most certainly be running back to LBC!” – Jessica