LBC client testimonial

November 22nd, 2014 by

I received a biweekly update from a client who has been with LBC for a short while that left a grin on my face. I was happy to see her body was making positive changes, especially when we had to work around an injury, but I was happier to see LBC has had an effect on her perception towards physique transformation, training and nutrition. ‘Cause in the end that’s what it is really about. See below for her testimonial:

“The photos do not do justice to the way my body is changing. I have ignored the scales and the measurements to a degree as to me the most important part is the way I feel inside and the way I see myself on the outside, which are the biggest positives of this journey.”

“My knees have held up well although I do see my better knee/leg taking a bit more of the load sometimes but then it’s been that way for years now so my symmetry isn’t great (left quad slightly bigger) but I can live with that at nearly 56! 10 years ago the difference was 1.5 inches (now 0.5 inches). Nowhere near as much pain after training these past weeks and I do see changes in my upper legs and my behind is up where it should be and tighter.”

“The biggest most massive lesson I have learnt from LBC is that no matter how much and hard you flog yourself doing cardio and big, long body part weight sessions, nutrition is the catalyst to weight loss and a fabulous lean body. For many years I thought I had the nutrition at about 80% under control, good healthy eating!!….. big wakeup call from LBC, which has made me realise I was deluding myself ha ha ha.”