Coach Steph’s analogy for fat loss

July 17th, 2017 by

My family plays a game on the phone called Clash Royal. All of us play together and it is really fun to challenge each other and/or work together. I have a point, I promise.

The goal of the game is to take down the towers of the other team by playing a character card. Each card costs you a specific amount of energy based on how strong they are. They all do various amounts of damage and you have to strategize in order to win.

We all have a different approach to getting the towers down, but the ones who are most successful play chip damage cards. They place these little buildings down, that incrementally chip away at the opponents tower. It doesn’t seem like much damage is being done, but for a cheap cost, they are just plugging along slowly at the end goal. Often times we see people come out of the gate spending all of their energy right away. Sometimes they get lucky and the strategy works and takes down a tower. However, after spending all that energy they have nothing left to defend with, and their towers come crashing down.

It reminds me of fat loss, because if you start off too crazy with a method you can’t sustain, ultimately your energy runs out and you fall right back into the same place (or worse) than you were before. But if you go slow, and chip away at your goals, you will find that not only can you sustain that pace, but you end up actually GETTING to your goal, and staying there. We all know that person who crash dieted their way to skinny, and stayed that way. They aren’t you, so stop it! You tried that, multiple times, and it came back to bite you. You are, as am I (and nearly everyone else) a chip card. We are the ones who need to be smart, strategize, take our time, and chip away at our obstacles until we reach our goal. You won’t get the fast fix, but you will get to keep your results.