Client Christie’s beautiful progress

June 16th, 2017 by

Check it out is right! Not competing until November and look at the condition she’s walking around here in June. Better than when she was on stage in 2015! We’ll be able to take some diet breaks to eat more leading up to her show since she’s in such great shape already.

Umm quads? Quaaaaaaads for days!

From LBC client, Christie:

“Crazy. Check this out. The purple suit is 2015 when working with a former LBC employee after my first build, and now, with you. Cannot wait till the Fall!

My pictures have me so excited!!!! I can’t say it enough how much I am loving the changes!!! I may be crazy, but I feel since you added those refeeds and changed my program, my body shape is changing. I LOVE it. My pictures this week have me glowing. I keep looking at them. I have not felt this confident in years. I mean, I love my body, but I have never felt so good! I can’t wait to compete this year because I CANNOT wait to build with you. You are awesome! But, you already know that

Just the beginning Coach. Thanks for everything!!!!”