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Deadlift cues for pulling Conventional and Sumo

The deadlift is often called the “King of all Lifts” as it is one of the best “bang for your buck” multi-joint, compound lifts you can do. It doesn’t get any simpler than pulling a heavy barbell off the floor. Whether you prefer to pull “conventional” or “sumo” here are a couple of excellent cues.. Read more →

The cardiovascular benefits of strength training

I trained earlier today and used this new Polar watch I finally pulled the trigger on purchasing. In 73 minutes I burned over 700 calories, kept an average heart rate of 67% age predicted maximum and peaked at 93% of age predicted maximum. Keep in mind, this was a STRENGTH training workout and close to.. Read more →

A resistance training workout you can do with limited equipment

Yesterday I posted a bike-based interval workout perfect for situations when you find yourself in a time pinch and/or while traveling and having to rely on a hotel gym with limited equipment. Today, I want to highlight a resistance training workout you can fall back on when you find yourself in less than ideal situations.. Read more →

Coach Nic talks about the importance of glute training

These pics were taken the days following Easter weekend and there is about a 2 pound difference between each one. I personally use the definition in my glutes as a gauge to determine how much water/fat I am holding. The glutes are comprised of three main muscles; gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Besides.. Read more →