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Chair hip opener

You all know I am big on getting up during the day and moving around/stretching. I work from home now and am lucky that I can take conference calls while I stretch, but most do not have that type of freedom. Here’s a great hip stretch you can do while sitting in your office chair… Read more →

Hip hinge technique

The hip hinge is such an important movement to master, as it’s the cornerstone of most functional movement outside of the gym. Every time you bend over to pick up something off the floor, pick up heavy moving boxes, move stuff around your house, etc you are initiating that movement by hinging at the hips… Read more →

The 5-10-20 training method

This is one of my favorite methods for attacking any given body part/region. It consists of performing 3 different exercises, in varying rep ranges, with little to no rest between exercises. Essentially, you start with a heavy set of 5 on one exercise, then move to a heavy set of 10 on the 2nd exercise,.. Read more →

Are you doing your core work optimally? 

Core work is very important, as it translates into everything we do, both inside and outside of the gym. But are you doing your core work optimally? The plank is one of the best core exercises out there, yet it’s often done incorrectly. Take a look at the picture below. Which version of this pic.. Read more →

When women say they “Just want to tone”

We often hear from potential and new female clients that they want to “tone.” I am not one of those coaches who will say “OMG, I hate the word ‘toned’!” To me, these people are describing an image in their head of a woman who is relatively lean with muscle definition who doesn’t look like.. Read more →