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Alyssa’s feedback on the 2014 LBCWT conference

“I just want to offer a heartfelt thank you to you and all the coaches for a fun and educational weekend. Being a (sort of) newbie to weight training, I was especially nervous about what to expect during this trip. I was heading to a place I’ve never visited before, alone no less, not knowing.. Read more →

More feedback from the LBCWT conference

“Hi Erik! Omg I don’t even know where to begin with the conference! I feel both physically and mentally more powerful and stronger after this weekend! I didn’t know what exactly to expect (since this was my first fitness conference attended) but whatever I thought LBC/CWT EXCEEDED any expectations I had! I’m glad I finally got.. Read more →

Daniela’s feedback on the 2014 LBCWT conference

The LBC/CWT Conference was incredible. One of my favorite parts was hanging out with like-minded people–I made some new friends and was able to share my elaborate protein recipes and have people that appreciated it! I spend a good portion of my time explaining why I weigh my food, why I go to the gym,.. Read more →

Jenny’s feedback from the 2014 LBCWT conference

I hope you all realize how invaluable you guys are. There really is NO ONE out there like your team so thank you for sharing your time and knowledge and resources with us! BTW, I hope I said that right as you guys being “INVALUABLE” I MEAN that you can’t put a price on what.. Read more →

Jeanette’s feedback on the inaugural LBC/CWT conference

I have been to several fitness conventions in the past and there is no comparison to the LBC/CWT Fitness Conference. The hands-on and the one-on-one that you get with the coaches is priceless. Each coach has a specific quality that is beneficial to everyone. The wealth of knowledge they shared with all the attendees was.. Read more →

Michele’s feedback on the inaugural LBC/CWT conference

Hi Erik, I just wanted to thank you for organizing such a great weekend. This conference was exactly what I have always wanted and it exceeded my expectations. I have attended other “fitness” conferences in the past and they either consisted of sitting in a room taking notes or doing a month’s worth of cardio.. Read more →