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Testimonial and progress from client Nicole

Can’t think of a better email to open first thing in the morning! < From client Nicole: “Isn’t it like my LBC anniversary or something? Ha ha! I don’t remember when I started with you last year, I know it was summer time. I was thinking about how long it had been while looking at pictures.. Read more →

LBC client testimonial

Such awesome feedback from one of the clients I work with. On her intake information, something didn’t sit right so had her pursue more testing, change drs and keep fighting. And I was right. Her hormone treatment wasn’t serving her well AT ALL and was wrong for her. So happy to read this: __ “I.. Read more →

Coach Ileen shares her “why”

The other day in our community group we had a great thread about wisdom because so much of our journey and the success to be had during our journey is our mental mindset. Many of us have had a special saying or a quote along the way that has been with them, motivating and driving.. Read more →

LBC client Donna’s testimonial

Unfortunately, clients can not stay on forever. For example, below is a pic of LBC client Donna J., who will be leaving us shortly, but has made tremendous progress since joining. She’s lost 5.5 inches off her waist, 4 inches off her abdomen/navel area, and 2.5 inches off her buttocks. That alone is awesome and.. Read more →

Progress and testimonial for LBC client Erica

Erica’s in-progress transformation. Her overall body shape has completely changed. She now has the tools to continue this successful journey on her own. “We just booked a spontaneous vacation to Tortola in the BVIs. We leave on Feb. 5. This is the first time in my life that i am not freaking out that I’m.. Read more →

LBC client Luanne’s fantastic progress and testimonial

Luanne shared her thoughts about her progress and her LBC program created for her. She achieved her goal training 3x a week with NO cardio. — Hi Ileen- Well looks like this is my last week! While I will miss being your client I am thrilled with what you have taught me! No longer do.. Read more →