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You can complain or you can strategize

I realize that you can’t control the weather, but you can control how you weather the storm. Complaints get you nowhere, so try proposing a solution. Next time you go to complain about how results aren’t coming fast enough, hormone problems aren’t fair, you’re too busy, too tired, too hungry; also look at potential solutions… Read more →

Opportunity Cost

“the unrealized flow of utility from the alternatives a choice displaces” (Frederick, Novemsky, Wang, Dhar, & Nowlis, 2009). I saw this on a blog yesterday (credit to Justin Kompf and Tony Gentilcore) and I thought it was great and “on point”. To reach (even maintain) health and physique goals, there are choices-a lifestyle design-which must.. Read more →

Trainers manage programs. Coaches manage people.

The quote in the attached Picture comes from our leader, Erik Ledin. At LBC, we are a team of coaches. Coaches manage people. Trainers manage programs. With proper coaching, the program is built to the client, where as trainers simply plug a client into a program. We at LBC certainly play all the roles that.. Read more →

Coach Steph’s analogy for fat loss

My family plays a game on the phone called Clash Royal. All of us play together and it is really fun to challenge each other and/or work together. I have a point, I promise. The goal of the game is to take down the towers of the other team by playing a character card. Each.. Read more →

What gets measured gets managed

This is undoubtably one of my favorite quotes as it pertains to training and nutrition. Name ONE area of your life where being LESS precise and dialed in yields better results. Can you? I can’t. Those who follow their meal plans, with lazor focus, quantify their intake, track their meals for compliance and have a.. Read more →