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Sandi Stuart – Panic!

Why DO I panic at the end of prep? Seriously. When everything is just going smoothly … every (or ALMOST) workout is a good one … diet is on point. So why do I panic?  I was pondering this at 5am today when I couldn’t sleep due to the impending threat of newly-instituted fasted cardio… Read more →

Beyond Obsession: A Pro’s Story

A great blog update from IFBB Fitness Pro Sandi Stuart … —————— Beyond Obsession: A Pro’s story   There has been a lot of talk on the message boards lately about metabolic damage, and specifically, who is to blame for the perpetuation of contest-dieting-gone-wrong. People finger-point at trainers and gurus, but I say, why not.. Read more →


I just couldn’t pass up posting this great post by Pauline Nordin. It fits so much in line with some of my writings on the site. It’s a bit wordy, but this is a good tough love read. Get to it. Is she talking to you? ——————- As adults we are supposed to be held.. Read more →

Sandi Stuart – I’m Not A SuperHero

I’M NOT A SUPERHERO (and other middle-of-the-night ramblings) I had to make a difficult decision today. As much as I wanted to compete in NY, I don’t think it’s a good idea. COULD I do it? Yes. SHOULD I do it? Probably not. As much as I like to pretend I’m superhuman and able to.. Read more →

Sandi Stuart – HOME STRETCH!

HOME STRETCH!!!!!  YAHOO!!!!! Thing are shaping up nicely here. I continue to see changes in my physique, and my routine has progressed from execution to performance. I love this part of prep, where I actually get to ENJOY running my routine. Training changed a bit this week. Stubborn fat protocol cardio starts tomorrow, and I’m oddly excited.. Read more →