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Differing Mindsets & Progress

Mindset … it’s such an interesting thing, especially when it comes to nutrition/dieting, etc. I’m often reminded of the difference in people’s mindsets when looking at client biweeklies. For the sake of example, I’ll use myself at one end of the spectrum and a random female client at the other. So, I’m dieting right now… Read more →

Cardio and Intervals for Fat Loss

I did a two-part interview for Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training (// member site recently. I’ll be running the full interview in a future issue of the LBC newsletter, but in the mean time (since I’m trying to post to this blog frequently) I thought, I’d post up one of the Q&As from the interview.  .. Read more →

Junior USAs and Final Week Prep

So, I’m off to Charleston, SC this weekend for the Junior USAs. By now the cat is out of the bag so people know that Noel is stepping up for her first national show. It’s been known that she was doing the Junior Nationals in Chicago, but we’ve kept this one quiet until this week… Read more →

Female Fitness Competitions

Here’s a Q&A I recently did for a website called It was about Female Fitness Competitions Question: I am looking for information on training programs and requirements on fitness competitions for women. I would like to know how to prepare routines for maximum results to be achieved along with some diet tips for caloric.. Read more →