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Teresa’s biweekly feedback

While we showcase transformation pictures of LBC clients routinely, we also like to highlight how making these changes has had a positive impact on their life. Today I am sharing biweekly feedback and pictures from LBC client, Teresa H., who was climbing mountains over the last two weeks. As you’ll see, Teresa, who has lost.. Read more →

Jenny’s amazing progress, and at 52 years young!

Doesn’t that smile say it all? Jenny is a two-time client with the first time … way back in 2005. And here we are in 2017 making great progress (and alongside her husband Jim, as husband/wife clients, no less). At 52 years strong …  “Still getting leaner. My stomach is tan! It hasn’t seen the.. Read more →

Down over 50 lbs, Dawn is killing it!

Down over 50 pounds, Cathy is killing it! As I sent these to her to show her the progress to date, she reminded me that she had just had her birthday, and it was her birthday the prior year that she reached out to LBC to make a change. And here we are! I couldn’t.. Read more →

Darcey’s progress in the homestretch of her bikini competition

LBC client Darcey in the home stretch of her Bikini prep for CBBF Nationals this week. No voodoo this week; just a fool-proof water load. Look at that tight waist! Here’s what Darcey is saying: “Erik, LBC has really changed my lifestyle completely. I have done just about everything throughout the years to really feel.. Read more →