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Darcey’s progress in the homestretch of her bikini competition

LBC client Darcey in the home stretch of her Bikini prep for CBBF Nationals this week. No voodoo this week; just a fool-proof water load. Look at that tight waist! Here’s what Darcey is saying: “Erik, LBC has really changed my lifestyle completely. I have done just about everything throughout the years to really feel.. Read more →

Client Erica’s killer progress from the back

Oh snap! LBC client Erica’s transformation is nothing short of just amazing! She is just coming off a stretch of 30 days at 100% compliance. Before back / back relaxed / back flared. “Wow this 30 day stretch at 100% compliance has given me some nice changes. I write this before I weigh and measure.. Read more →

Client Stacy is looking lean after a big high-carb refeed

Afraid of carbs? With some education, there are fun ways to utilize them to further our fat loss progress, all while having fun with them. Check out the picture that was sent to me after LBC client Stacy had her weekly refeed of the following:  50g oats 1 bagel (42g carbs) 110g brown rice 120g.. Read more →

Client Jessica’s fantastic fat-loss progress

Fat loss gradually slows as you go. Those big numerical changes you may have experienced in the beginning when you’re body fat was much higher? It’s unrealistic to expect that to continue. It slows down as you progress and get leaner as each successive pound of fat you lose represents a greater percentage of the.. Read more →

Outstanding progress for client MJ

Client MJ is killing it! Just check out that ab progress. Some thoughts from MJ: “Woke up this morning feeling really lean for some reason !! I put on my gym clothes and I didn’t feel like I had to pull my leggings up and over anything !! Crazy. Your killer quad circuit is still,.. Read more →

Check out Angie’s amazing progress

How’s this for progress! Angie has worked so hard to get to where she is. Working very long hours, she gets up early in the morning to train in her home gym, head to a long 10+ hour day, and still manages to nail her diet with no excuses. She plans to do a build.. Read more →