Coach Ileen’s Flatout pizza

Friday nite is pizza night in our home. I made this on plan using the following: 1 Flat Out Light Italian herb flat bread Chicken (pre-cooked) breast finely chopped Fat Free Mozzarella cheese (could use regular fat as well) Sauce Vegetables Pre-baked the flat bread in the toaster oven until it was slightly toasted. Added.. Read more →

When women say they “Just want to tone”

We often hear from potential and new female clients that they want to “tone.” I am not one of those coaches who will say “OMG, I hate the word ‘toned’!” To me, these people are describing an image in their head of a woman who is relatively lean with muscle definition who doesn’t look like.. Read more →

Fat Loss Plateaus and Stalls

If the drop in scale weight has slowed or completely stalled, here are some random thoughts and insights, in no particular order, to help you wrap your head around it and, more importantly, what to actually do about. 1. One, the scale number doesn’t tell the entire story. There is a reason we here at.. Read more →

Teresa’s biweekly feedback

While we showcase transformation pictures of LBC clients routinely, we also like to highlight how making these changes has had a positive impact on their life. Today I am sharing biweekly feedback and pictures from LBC client, Teresa H., who was climbing mountains over the last two weeks. As you’ll see, Teresa, who has lost.. Read more →

Quadratus Lumborum

Sounds fancy, but what is it? It’s arguably of of the most important muscles in the body due to its role in spinal stabilization, yet it is so commonly neglected and hardly ever directly targeted. Over the next couple of days I’ll be showing you a few exercises you can add into your warm up.. Read more →