Anterior Reach

Gym ‘sighting’ of the day. There’s this girl at the gym, I swear I’ve never seen her actually workout yet. Well, she’s been on the ellipticals, but I’ve never seen her lift weights yet, but she sits on the equipment and walks around the gym. I was watching her today and she literally just strolls.. Read more →


Newflash! I just wanted to point something out about nutrition and training with the end goal of fat loss. (and I emphasize fat loss since that’s what we’re concerned primarily with; not just losing ‘weight’ for the sake of losing weight …. right? RIGHT?) You know, the only way for nutritional strategy to work for.. Read more →

Massage, Self-Myofascial Release and Hollie Higdon

So I’m at the gym last night, done chest and hitting the tail end of my higher rep leg work, when what do I see as I come up to the next piece of equipment that I need? A guy drinking a PEPSI! A PEPSI during his workout. :lol: I had to do a double.. Read more →

Doing It A Little Different … Nutrition

So remember that vet appointment Dexter had on Saturday? The $300 one? Well, it turns out he had a reaction to one of the drugs they gave him. The skin around his eyes started drooping, his head was swelling and he was getting these little bumps all over his face/head. Plus he was throwing up… Read more →

Shoulder Exercise With A Twist – One-arm Lateral Throws

So as previously mentioned, yesterday was my heavy shoulder/light arm workout. This is probably one of the ‘easier’ workouts of the week (the other shoulder/arm day being a bit easier). Easier in the sense that shoulders and arms generally isn’t ever as hard as hitting back or legs hard. When you think of shoulder exercises,.. Read more →

A Little Training, A Little About the Scale and Dexter Needs

And yet another training day coming up – heavy shoulder work and light biceps/triceps work. Yesterday was heavy hamstring work and light back work. It looked liked this: Lying Leg Curls – 4 sets Seated Leg Curls – 3 sets Romanian Deadlifts – 3 sets Close-grip Pulldowns – 3 sets One-arm Dumbbell Rows – 3.. Read more →