Food As a Reward

This is from a thread on the Lean Bodies Fitness forum. Q: Does anyone else have an issue with this? Here’s what I mean: I can know that I have a cheat meal coming and be fine with that, but as soon as I start thinking that it is a reward for doing good on.. Read more →

It’s Simple, But It’s Not Easy

Kind of an odd statement isn’t it? “It’s simple, but it’s not easy.” Of course, I’m referring to the issue of fat loss and getting in great shape. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. To clarify a bit … Conceptually it’s simple – meaning the ‘how to’ is pretty straight forward. Practically, it’s not so.. Read more →

Weekends and The Little Nibbles

Saw this on another fitness-related blog and had to post it. Only a few words, but they carry a very big message. 2 days can erase 5! I hope the message there is clear – weekends can kill your fat loss. And another important point while I’m at it: Nibbles and extras can also ruin.. Read more →

Low Fat vs. Low Carb

So everyone seems to be talking about the recently published diet study where low carb vs low fat diets faced off to determine what, in the end, is superior. I had planned to comment on this one myself, but this morning I came across a blog post by Craig Ballantyne, that encompasses my thoughts pretty.. Read more →

The Scale Lies! Daily Water Fluctuations

I find myself addressing this very issue repeatedly in correspondence with clients, so I thought I’d just put my thoughts in one place. When I say the scale lies, you probably say something like, “I agree.” However, do you really? If you do agree, then whatever number pops up on the Random Number Generator will.. Read more →

NPC Junior Nationals – Jody Bernhardt

I’d put up some pics of Noel live from the show, but wasn’t able to get some of Jody’s pictures up. So, I thought I’d post a few of her up so you can see how she looked for the Junior Nationals. I still have to get more pics off my camera … I’ve been.. Read more →