Thyroid – the master gland

The thyroid gland is the master gland as it controls all systems in our body from our nervous systems, our breathing, our heart rate, our digestion, our body temperature, our body weight and MORE. It produces two main hormones called triiodothyronine and thyroxine. These are commonly known as T3 and T4 and delivers them to.. Read more →

What is the most optimal position for you to squat?

Squat Variations What is the most optimal position for you to squat? This question is asked very often and no 2 lifters will squat the same. So many things factor into the most optimal position for each person: – mobility of the hip and ankles – prior injuries  – goals Regardless, what I look for.. Read more →

The top 3 foods you should avoid

People need to stop assigning morality to their foods. Ultimately, eating “bad” foods will make you feel guilty. Any time you associate an emotion with what you eat, you are headed towards a bad place. There are no inherently “good” or “bad” foods in the context of one’s overall diet. When clients first sign on.. Read more →

3/50 method in training

3/50 Method This is another special method/intensifying technique which is no-nonsense, easy to implement, and extremely effective. Just get 50 total reps, using the same weight, over 3 sets. Simple…but not easy. -Pick a weight that you can get somewhere between 18-25 reps with (taking the set to failure) on the 1st set -Take 2:00.. Read more →

Fat loss tips that work

In spite of all of the fad diets, calories are still king. Count them, and do it accurately by weighing your food. Don’t over assess or obsess. Check your progress every couple weeks and adjust minimally. Stop working so hard during the week, only to throw it out the door on the weekend. Full blown.. Read more →