About: Stephanie Miramontes

After years of yo-yo dieting and following diet fads to lose weight, Steph had all but given up on trying to get in shape and stay that way. Shortly after that time her husband came home with a copy of a fitness magazine that featured muscular and not skinny women. Everything changed. It was a complete shift in mindset. The fads ended, and weight training in the gym became a priority. Still unable to reach her goals, she started searching online for more answers. That is where she found the Lean Bodies Fitness forum and the Lean Bodies Consulting Facebook page, which led her to hiring Amy. After working with Amy for a year, her goals of getting in shape finally became a reality.

Unfortunately physique goals had to be shelved when she found herself struggling with thyroid problems, and could not get proper treatment. Because of the health issues that came with poor treatment, training and physique took a big hit. Finding herself weak and tired was unacceptable, so she began to research everything she could about hormones and learned a lot of valuable information in the process that she shares with her clients.

Because of her mentor Amy’s support while struggling to find the right doctor and the right information; she now coaches others having similar issues by offering the support they need to stay on top of their own health, while aiming to reach their fitness and physique goals.

Steph holds a Sports Nutrition Specialist certification from the International Society of Sports Nutrition. She is always pursuing new information to become the best possible coach and teacher in her health-first approach to a lasting transformation.

Steph resides in Texas with her husband Nefi, and their 4 sons.