3/50 method in training

August 11th, 2017 by

3/50 Method

This is another special method/intensifying technique which is no-nonsense, easy to implement, and extremely effective. Just get 50 total reps, using the same weight, over 3 sets.

Simple…but not easy.

-Pick a weight that you can get somewhere between 18-25 reps with (taking the set to failure) on the 1st set

-Take 2:00 rest

-Get AMRAP on your 2nd set (as many reps as possible)

-Take 2:00 rest

-Get AMRAP on your 3rd set

How’d you do?

▪️50+? Good. Bump the weight next workout-which will knock down your total reps a bit-and stay here until you are once again getting 50 total reps.

▪️Only got into the low-mid 40’s? No worries. If you are not accustomed to ultra high rep training you may find yourself in this category. Trust me, you’ll respond fast. Stay with this weight and try to increase total reps over the course of several workouts until you get 50.

Nothing fancy here: Basic progressive overload and hard work…which always works.

I usually do this for ONE exercise per muscle group or “region” during a workout. For example, It it’s an upper body only day, I’d pick one pressing exercise and one pulling exercise and use this method. Maybe my “A” exercise is a Low Incline Dumbbell Press and my “B” exercise is a Seal Row. The rest of the workout would be “normal”.

You could also use this as a “finisher” type protocol at the end of your workout for one exercise. Example, if you wanna hit your biceps hard and fast, pick a curl variation and do this. This is also a great method to use with Dumbbell Laterals.

Do NOT do this for every exercise on any given workout day. It’s over kill. These are special methods which are intense, so keep this in mind. Have a great weekend everyone!