10 Musts For Fat-Loss Success

June 27th, 2017 by

Looking to lose fat? Then here’s a few things you need to do:

1) Make A Plan 

First and foremost, you need a plan. Think of this plan as a road map. In order to get from point A to point B (i.e. current physique to desired physique) you need to map out a way to get there. This means developing a “sound” diet that’s designed with you and your goals in mind. If you need help getting started on making your own diet then click on the link at the bottom of this page.

2) Embrace Change

In order to change your physique, you have to embrace the behaviours required to do so. This means giving up some of your old ways, which not only includes giving up certain foods (or amounts of specific foods) and the way you eat, but may require you to change the way you workout (weight training and cardio). This can be a tough pill to swallow for some people. Regardless, if you’re set in your ways then you’re not going to change (literally and figuratively).

3) Work Hard 

Losing fat is not easy. So be prepared to push yourself. In fact, you have to push yourself. Your body isn’t going to change unless you give it a reason to. So be prepare to work hard for your goal because… you have to.

4) Be Committed 

You have to be prepared to make a long-term commitment to reach your goal(s). Depending on your body and goal, it may take months, even years to achieve what you’re striving for. Therefore, you will need to ensure you’re prepared to follow your diet and training program every day. Sure there will be off-plan meals and circumstances will arise where you reasonably may not be able to stick to your plan, but if you want to reach your goal then you have to be on top of your plan the rest of the time.

5) Persevere 

Once again, fat loss is not easy. Life is full of obstacles and they can pop up without warning. They will slow you down or even halt your progress. That’s fine. Life happens. The key is to keep moving forward and make these obstacles only temporary set backs. In fact, you will become stronger for doing so. Essentially, the struggles you face today, will strengthen you for tomorrow.

6) Monitor Progress

At LBC, we monitor several forms of data to assess progress. This includes scale weight, measurements, pictures, feedback (training, diet and general) and meal adherence. This allows us to make informed choices on how to move forward with a client’s program. If you’re not monitoring your body’s feedback, you’ll have a hard time gauging success and figuring out how to properly move forward.

7) Be Objective

Changes take time, so you have to look at your progress with an objective eye. For example, just because your scale weight is the same as it was last week – doesn’t mean your progress has halted. You have to look at all information in context (with one another) and over a period of time. Then adjust accordingly, which leads me to the next point.

8) Make Adjustments

All diet and training programs lead to plateaus, but that’s fine (assuming that you didn’t over diet and/or train). It means that your body has adapted to your program, which is progress. Essentially, you’ve conquered a specific phase of development and it’s time to move on to a new challenge/phase. So congrats. :-)

9) Take a Break

It may seem odd to suggest that you stop your fat-loss efforts from time-to-time, but that’s for the sake of long-term success. You have to think big picture here. If you keep pushing yourself by increasing your effort levels and decreasing your food intake, eventually your body is going to push back. This can make future fat loss difficult depending on how hard/long you pushed yourself. So go back to a maintenance level intake (14-16X your body weight for calories), back off on the training and give your body a break for a bit.

10) Be Patient 

Results come in time and everyone progresses at a different rate. Therefore, some will progress faster than others. So you can’t compare your results to someone else’s. Everyone is on their own personal journey, which makes yours unique. So own it and be proud of the results you do achieve because you made them.

For help making your own fat-loss diet – click here!